Web 2.0 Tools of Classroom Collaboration

The next generation of the web is the new web 2.0. Collaboration websites cater to the on- demand, video game generation of today. See how these sites can work in the classroom. Move your class into the future and out of the past with QR’s, Voice thread, Photostory, Blogs, and the ever-popular Teacher Tube website. Teacher Tube is You Tube for the education world. See how you can learn, teach, and assess student learning all with this and many more great websites.


Hands-on in Lab


Learn how to use Voicethread (free), Photostory (free), and MovieMaker (free) for class projects. See how teach-ers are using blogs, and see other sites that are interactive and made for education. Learn how to navigate and use the Teacher Tube website.


Lab, headphones, digital camera, and mics and internet