Take Classroom Involvement to the Next Level w/ Smart Boards, SMART Teachers and SMART Students!

(This session can be modified for any IWB) Is the Interactive white board in your classroom/building used as a fancy overhead ? Smart Boards can be used as more than just "Write and Wipe," if you know the capabilities. We often provide our teachers with the initial "where the buttons are" training for Smart boards, but they need the next step of training that shows how to take this new tool and get the most student involvement out of the technology. In this session, we will use the Smart Board© Software and simple classroom interactive principles to get students raising their hands, raising their scores, and truly interacting with the board/instruction like never before. Smart Boards+ Smart Teachers= Smart Students.


Presentation and hands-on exploring


Learn the basic concepts of a good IWB lesson nd walk away with tools, tricks and lessons to use int eh class-room.


Lab, internet, Smart Board