The Happy Teacher: 5 Secrets to a "Stress-Less" Education Career

This keynote address is a light-hearted look at education and personal health and wellness. The presentation format is high energy and can be presented in a 45-60 min format.

The high stakes testing environment in education today is contributing to the fact that we are losing teachers and potential teachers a record highs. Teachers came to this profession with a passion but many don’t have the tools they need to balance stress, life, and work. The audience will laugh and have fun as they work through the 5 techniques in staying healthy, happy, and balanced in the classroom and at home. The techniques Dedra will share will help the natural nurturers of the world take care of themselves so that they can stay connected to the passion for touching the lives of children and others!

Session Descriptor:

In the high stakes testing classrooms of today, teacher burnout is occurring more and more. Teachers need tools for teaching but they also need tools for managing the work-life balance of staying happy and fulfilled. Come laugh, learn, and find your HAPPY TEACHER again.


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