Pep Assemblies, Red Pens, and School Lunches

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This keynote address is a hilarious look at attitudes and how choosing the right attitude can make all the difference! It can be presented in 45min-2 ½ hr formats.


Teachers don’t really teach for the summers…Do we? This keynote will remind educators why we CHOOSE to walk through the doors of a school building even after we have received our diplomas! Dedra will help teachers remember what a great job they really have. She will talk the audience through making choices in their daily attitudes; and how to avoid the “zappers” who we let affect our attitudes. This session will be full of energy and audience interaction. The techniques Dedra will share will help the natural nurturers of the world take care of themselves so that they can stay connected to the passion for touching the lives of children and others!

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You came into the education field full of hope, energy, and a desire to CHANGE the world! Now you catch yourself looking at the bank attendants, and door greeters wondering how hard it would be to make the transition? Educators are care givers who give until they can’t give anymore. Dedra will help you put yourself at the top of the list, create habits that will prevent burnout, and remember why you are where you are. This keynote will have you laughing and learning as you get reconnected to your passion for teaching.