NASSP iPad Training

iLead Activity 2
A day in the life of an Administrator  with an iPad
  1. The phone rings and your Superintendent ask you to be at tonight's District PTA presentation.  Use Calendar to schedule the meeting (7:00 - 9:30 PM), and set an alarm to remind you 15 minutes before.
  2. As you are walking down the hall, a kid calls you a “poser.” You don’t know if it is bad or good, so you go to Safari and look it up on wikipedia.
  3. Copy the definition of poser and paste in your notes. In the notes, add a sentence with time and date added.
  4. As you are walking through the halls, you see a teacher doing a great lesson. Snap a photo and email the photo and a note (in the email) to yourself and the teacher.
  5. Open your epub of Breaking Ranks in iBooks. Read about it, make a new note in iBooks. Email the note to yourself.
  6. Use Weather app to see if you will need an umbrella for the evening event.